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"Hi my name is Julie Jones. I am really passionate about person centred planning and have a lot of experience in this area. By using person centred planning we make sure that everyone is treated as an individual with their own individual needs and aspirations. We use these plans to make sure we offer people the right support so each person can reach their potential and lead happy and fulfliied lives. By offering a small service we can make sure that we meet the needs of people by working in a person centred way. We have a great base which is right in the heart of the community. We work together with the local community to make sure that people are really included and involved. We have already seen the benefits this can bring such as an increase in confidence and self esteem, more independence and empowerment."

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"Hi my name is Stuart Heffy. I am really positive about partnership working and have a lot of experience in making this happen. Partnership working means working together with other people and this can include leisure, education, vocational, volunteering, community and other learning disability groups. I believe that 

by working together with other people we can achieve more and can create positive outcomes for people.

 I believe that through our experience and the activities that we can offer to people we can help to improve the health and well being of people who use our service. Well being to me means that people are satisfied with their lives and their personal development. That they belong and make a contribution to their community and that all members of the community have a positive attitude towards others"

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Julie has over 13 years’ experience of working with both adults and children with learning disabilities, 

complex needs and autism in a variety of settings including Day Centres, Schools, Residential and 

Community settings. She has been a Team Leader in both a residential home for adults with complex needs and within a specialist unit working with adults with learning disabilities and autism. Julie has experience in planning and delivering a variety of activities such as communication, basic skills, advocacy, vocational training, personal development and life skills. She has training which includes teaching, job coaching and 

job finding and person centred facilitation, Julie is experienced in community development work to improve 

the inclusion of people with a learning disability.

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Stuart has over twenty years experience of working with adults with learning disabilities in day centres, 

respite, independent living and a community project. Stuart has a lot of experience in planning and delivering 

a wide range of activities including sports, conservation, horticulture and volunteering. Stuart is a qualified Sports and Walk Leader. He has a level one award in coaching football and holds an NVQ in horticulture. 

He has facilitated activities for a wide range of service users including those with complex needs. Stuart is experienced in promoting and developing partnership working to promote the inclusion of people 

with a learning disability. Stuart is experienced in community development work to improve the inclusion of people with a learning disability.



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