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Projects and Activities

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We linkin with others to deliver different projects.

See below for more about these.

All our projects help to develop personal and communication skills.

All our projects aim to improve the health and well being of people who use our service. 

We support each person to develop friendships and relationships, to become more involved and included in the community and supporting personal development.

All our projects can include some social outings should the group choose this.

You can work towards a qualification with some of our projects.

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What will you link in with?

What projects do we offer?

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Sports Development Project

This project promotes and provides opportunities for adults with a learning disability to become more involved with sport and physical activity.This project involves:

  • taking part and trying out a range of sports activities including football, new age kurling, bike riding, multi sports, cricket, basketball and badminton. 
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Developing links with other groups.
  • Setting up and taking part in competitions and leagues.
  • The possibility of working towards a qualification in Sports Leadership or similar.
  • Having fun!
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Office and World of Work Project

This project supports the individual to develop the experience, knowledge and skills needed for the world of work. Most of this project is delivered in a real working office environment where the individuals are supported to run the Community Centre office for the day. This project involves:

  • taking part in a range of activities to develop skils and knowledge needed for the workplace including following instructions, completing routine tasks, roles and responsibilities, health and safety and organising your time.
  • Looking at an individual's own skills, abilities and qualities.
  • Developing positive relationships and team work.
  • Developing knowledge and skills needed to use office equipment including ICT skills.
  • Looking at different work areas and job roles in the wider community.
  • Working towards a qualification if you choose to.
  • Having fun with your colleagues!
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Community Gardening Project

This project promotes and provides opportunities for adults with a learning disability to get involved in creating, developing, maintaining and using green spaces in the community. To develop practical skills in gardening, horticulture and conservation.  This project involves:

  • Becoming involved in local projects by helping to create, develop, maintain and use green spaces.
  • Developing new skills and experiences.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Developing links with other groups.
  • Visits to a range of projects and activities linked to green spaces and conservation.
  • Becoming involved in a mini-enterprise.
  • Working towards a recognised qualification for those who want to.
  • Having fun!
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Funtastic Fridays Project

This project supports people who access our service in making new friends and developing relationships by running their own social event. We support the group in planning, preparing and running the  Funtastic Friday day. The project includes the individual taking part in a range of social activities. This project involves:

  • Planning, preparing and running the "Funtastic Friday" event and others to be developed.
  • Having their own roles and responsibilities including "meet and greet", running the refreshment area, being a DJ and delivering the activities to others.
  • Developing links with other groups.
  • ICT, numeracy and Personal skills development.
  • Enjoying a range of leisure activities including pool, table tennis, wii games, new age kurling, bowling, badminton, games and disco.
  • Meeting new friends and having fun!
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Life Skills/ Personal Development

This project will support people to develop the skills needed to live a more independent life. It will support people to speak up for themselves, to make choices and to know their rights so they can live the life they choose. It will support the individual to have a voice on issues which are inportant to them. To improve confidence and self esteem. This project involves:

  • Developing skills necessary to live a more independent life eg, travelling independently, social skills, budgeting, preparing simple meals, community safety.
  • Getting together in groups and talking and listening to each other.
  • Supporting people to speak up for themselves and each other about important things.
  • Developing person centred plans and setting personal goals.
  • Understanding rights and responsilbilities.
  • Developing links with other groups.
  • Planning some social activities with the group.
  • Having fun!
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Arts Development Project

This project involves promoting the involvement and participation of adults with a learning disability in the arts. To improve an individual's self esteem and confidence. This project involves:

  • taking part in a range of arts activities including art, performing arts, sound and music, photography/multi media, theatre and drama.
  • Developing links with other groups to promote the active involvement of people with a learning disability.
  • Visiting a range of different types of art in the community including theatres, exhibitions and galleries.
  • Having fun!

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